2021-2023 F-150 8'' to 12'' Screen Upgrade

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What's this?

Upgrade your 2021-2023 F-150 XL XLT 8'' to a 12'' touchscreen with our complete kits, just like the Platinum or higher trims.

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What are benefits?

Unlock the power of multitasking with the OEM 12-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen designed for Sync4. Its split-screen capability allows you to effortlessly manage multiple tasks simultaneously. With the latest software version, you can enjoy full screen CarPlay, taking your driving experience to the next level.

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What's in the box

You will receive

OEM 12-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen 

OEM 12-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen with screen frame (You must transfer the air conditioner vent/knob from your current frame to the new one)

Climate Control Bezel

Climate control bezel featuring a slot for the audio controller, requiring the transfer of other components to the new bezel.


Utilize a tailored LVDS harness to connect a 12-inch display, utilizing an 8-inch stock APIM. If upgrading to a 12-inch APIM with navigation, a different harness is required.

Third Switch

Place the button into the vacant slot without any functionality.

12'' APIM(Optonal)

By selecting the 12'' APIM with navigation option, it will come as part of the package.

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